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The Motul C1 Chain Clean chain cleaner is indispensable for the maintenance of the motorcycle chain. In addition to regularly lubricating the motorcycle chain, cleaning is just as important.

It often falls short and to be honest. It's not your favorite thing to do. Nevertheless, it is crucial to maintain your motorcycle chain properly to prevent excessive wear. Dirt, dust and sand wear out your chain and sprockets much faster than when it's clean.

It is not difficult to clean your motorcycle chain. You take the Motul Chain Clean chain cleaner which you apply over the entire chain after shaking well. Then let it soak in for 5 minutes and use, for example, a special chain brush that makes removing dirt extra easy. When the chain is clean, don't forget to respray it with chain spray or grease it with a lubricating paste.

Here's how to clean the motorcycle chain;

1. Shake the aerosol well before use;
2. Apply the Chain Clean over the entire chain;
3. Leave the cleaning spray on for 5 minutes;
4. Use a brush to remove the stubborn dirt;
5. Respray the motorcycle chain with chain spray.