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Complete set for new and slightly soiled leather,
The Q²M LeatherSet Mild contains everything you need to get a lightly soiled leather interior perfectly clean again. Complete with Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild, Q² LeatherCoat, Q²M MF Applicator, Q²M LeatherBrush and a microfibrecloth.

Perfect preparation for Q² LeatherShield or Q²Leathercoat
Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild is the perfect preparation for Q² LeatherShield and Q² LeatherCoat. The product leaves no residue and does not contain any ingredients to soften the leather. Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild is also suitable as a maintenance product for Q² LeatherShield. It is not affected with Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild.

Protection with SiO²
Q² LeatherCoat is the world's first leather protection based on SiO2! Q² LeatherCoat offers long-lasting protection against moisture, dirt, UV radiation and most importantly: friction!
Q² LeatherCoat is not protection based on oils that can feel greasy, but a protective layer is applied to the leather. The matt look is maintained and the color becomes more intense.
Tip: Always use several microfiber cloths. After cleaning, always wipe with a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off all soiling.

Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild 200ml.
Q² LeatherCoat 120ml.
Q²M LeatherBrush.
Q²M MF Applicator.
Microfiber cloth.