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The latest evolution of the top-of-the-line racing boots featuring the IN system, which allows them to be worn inside any Dainese racing suit. Also integrating Axial Distorsion Control System technology in Kevlar carbon, Groundtrax® racing sole and replaceable magnesium sliders. For maximum performance.

The latest evolution of top-of-the-line Dainese motorcycle racing boots – the same boots worn on the track by MotoGP™ champions.

Conceived to allow riders to express their full potential while focusing purely on performance, this footwear features a construction that perfectly blends lightness, riding comfort and maximum riding sensitivity while maintaining the high protection standards guaranteed by Dainese.

Their iconic design combines cutting-edge technological solutions such as the Axial Distortion Control System in Kevlar carbonIN construction with Velcro facilitating their connection to Dainese racing suits, replaceable magnesium sliders and a Groundtrax® racing sole with a focus on grip and heat resistance.

Axial 2 Boots
 are the ultimate expression of Dainese's drive for constant innovation, as their protective, lightweight and durable construction distinguishes them as the most advanced protection on the market.

Features such as the cuff in stretch fabric suited to different body shapes, the even more practical and sturdy back zipper fastening, and the internal lacing system complete Axial 2 Boots, making them effective, practical and functional.

Groundtrax outsole for extreme racing
Setscrew wrench supplied
TPU Gear shifter guard

Closing with zipper at the back
Flexible joints for extra comfort
Speed lacing system
Suit to boot fastening system

D-Stone™ fabric
Split cowhide leather inserts for abrasion resistance and grip
Upper in microfiber

D-Axial System in Carbon and Aramid fiber
Heel magnesium cover, removable and replaceable
Malleolus magnesium cover, removable and replaceable
Nylon heel
Reinforced nylon toe
Replaceable magnesium slider (1999948 Kit boot slider Magnesium, 1999885 Stainless Steel Boot Slider Kit, 1999954 Kit boot slider plastic 16)

Double jersey airgap liner